Venezuela and its reality in the field of cryptomonies will be the subject of discussion in a virtual meeting

This Friday, August 14, at 6:00 pm (-4 GMT), a virtual meeting will take place on YouTube entitled „Venezuela and Cryptomonies: Reality or Advertising Narrative“ and will serve as a space to discuss and analyze the role that cryptomonies have had within the South American nation.

As is now a custom, this meeting is part of „Cryptographic Fridays“, an educational space that has been promoted by engineer and trader Aníbal Garrido and lawyer Ezio Rojas since March. On this particular occasion, José Manuel Da Silva, CEO of Criptolugares, Dionardo Aparicio, Founder of MerkdoSur and Jorge Farías, CEO of Cryptobuyer will be present and participating.

Topics such as Bitcoin Millionaire high P2P exchange in Venezuela, the reality of businesses that accept crypto currencies in the country and different aspects of the national economy of the South American nation will be presented within the conversation, introducing themselves among the different points of view of the guests.

Venezuela and crypto-currencies

Venezuela is one of the South American nations where the crypto issue is most prevalent. As we recently pointed out in Cointelegraph, various municipal taxes will be collected in the state’s digital currency, Petro.

We also recently reported that Bitcoin’s P2P operations within the Venezuelan economy have set a record in the middle of 2020, showing numbers that have not been seen since early 2018.