Installation Instructions

You will need to have a website with PHP support. You can have PHP4 or PHP5, it doesn't really matter, the script will work fine. You don't need a MySQL database - why bother for such a simple task?

  1. Download the latest version zip file
  2. Unzip the files at your local machine
  3. Decide where you will be uploading phpFastNews files to at your site. You can upload them in any folder or even in the home folder. I would recommend to create a separate folder, name it fastnews for example
  4. Have a look at the fastnews-conf.php file. You will need to set at least 2 things:
    • your password at line 3
    • the fastnews-code.php file URL (it should be something like It depends on your step 3, i.e. where you will be installing phpFastNews.
  5. Upload the files to the place decided in step 3.
  6. You need to set the fastnews-data.txt writable by your script so make chmod 666 command for this file.
  7. Now you can have the news section imbedded into any PHP page at your website. Just put this code in a place you want it to appear:
    include_once( '/path-to-fastnews-folder/fastnews-code.php' );
    $fn = new fastNews();
    echo $fn->display();