ust have a lo Free News Script - phpFastNews

Need A No Frills News Display Script For Your Website?

Welcome to phpFastNews - the home of fast and free news display script.

Just 3 files to upload, a 10 second initial configuration and voila! you have a news section at your website. No MySQL hassle required!

The system is really fast and dead easy to use. Your website visitors view the list of your latest news items. There is a link for you (the owner) to log in. Once authenticated, you can create, edit or delete your news items from the same page the script is installed at.

Why would you need a news section at your website? Let your customers, partners, or friends know your latest updates, products, hot offerings, discounts. With phpFastNews you don't need any complicated database system or pay hundreds of dollars to simply put news on your website.

The script is very simple to use and setup, the admin panel is so easy you don't need to read extensive documentation before using this script. The information is stored in a basic text file, the script works on most basic hosting packages.

Just have a look at our demo, view the installation instructions and download the script.

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